Satellite event 2021

#7 Intelligent AI CHIP: Beyond Standard AI

23 June

About the Session

GrAI Matter Labs (GML) invented a new AI data flow computing architecture, NeuronFlow ™, which leverages data and neural network spartiality to deliver the most powerful AI per Watt. This innovative technology makes it possible to avoid unnecessary computations and proceed only the key aspects of a deep neutral network. Our AI, which processes video streams rather than images, allows us to break free from today's AI and explore new industrial applications that couldn’t be done before. GML chips are offering intelligent AI for multiple use cases and applications such as Robot Grasping. Edge AI is considered as the solution for Intelligent Grasping which enables the automation of previously impossible-to-automate lines. Manufacturers who take advantage of intelligent grasping will achieve higher productivity, better customer satisfaction, and lower cost.

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