Keynote Speaker

Andre Retterath

Earlybird | Germany

For me being a venture capital investor means… rolling up my sleeves and supporting the most visionary entrepreneurs throughout their journey, with ups and downs. I am personally interested… in leveraging data to make better decisions and solving fundamental issues by pushing machines towards real intelligence. My first job was… being a process automation engineer where I learned that often enough there’s a significant gap between a theoretical plan and its practical implementation. My most challenging adventure was… hiking the highest German mountain (Zugspitze) up and down within 1.5 days and a 15kg backpack as preparation for Kilimanjaro. Whenever you feel that you’ve reached your limits, push further. Hire people who… are smarter than yourself, over-deliver and have the ability to getting things done while at the same time questioning the status quo. If you pitch to Earlybird… do your research on us, have your information ready and most importantly, dream big and be passionate.

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