Andres Lüdeke

LEVITY | Germany

Following the studies of Aerospace Engineering for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, the main field of competencies lie within the designing and conception of space missions for all phases of a satellite. With the given technical background, I worked on several missions as an operations engineering intern for the mission BepiColombo at Airbus Defence and Space in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and procurement manager working student for telecommunication satellites ELECTRA and Heinrich Hertz at OHB System AG in Bremen, Germany. During the studies, I led a team of eleven students as a systems engineer and project manager for the development of a sample return lunar lander mission. While having the technical background for aerospace engineering, the main field of competencies lie in entrepreneurship, project management as well as business and finance. Therefore designing of supply chains, planning of resources, controlling finances, managing a project is one of my main working interests.

Speaker Agenda

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