Sven Przywarra

LiveEO | Germany

Sven Przywarra founded the earth observation start-up LiveEO together with Daniel Seidel in 2017. Before that Sven Przywarra studied Business Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin with a strong focus on space engineering and entrepreneurship after working one year in India’s capital New Delhi. He has previously worked in the space industry at PTScientists and founded NewSpaceVision, Europe’s biggest new space event series with the goal to connect the industry. With LiveEO, he has won among others the Copernicus Masters in 2017 and the Gründerwettbewerb of the German Ministry of Economics. LiveEO is a global market leader in infrastructure monitoring with customers in Europe, the US, and Australia. Sven is convinced that earth observation will have a positive impact on every major industry within the next 10 years. This is still the beginning of a big revolution driven by space technology.

Speaker Agenda

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